Thursday, October 07, 2010

Overheards- Queen Edition

Scene:  TD and I are heading home from a long, fun day at the pumpkin patch.  My iPod is blaring Queen in the car.

TD:  "WHAT?!  Another one bites the what?!"

V:  "The dust. Another one bites the dust."

TD:  "Blech! I don't want to bite dust.  That's gross!  Is there a song that is the opposite of that?  Is there a "Another One Doesn't Bite Dust" song?" 

V:  "No, there isn't one of those songs." I try not to laugh.

TD:  "Oh. (thoughtful pause) Because I would like that song." 

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  1. She has a good point. I don't want to bite dust either. It really does sound gross when you think about it literally.


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