Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back on the Couch

That title can be viewed two ways. Literally.

I went back to see my psychiatrist yesterday for the first time since mid-2009.  Apparently once you have had postpartum depression two times you are "red-flagged" in the system and a social worker visits you while you are still in the hospital nursing and wearing mesh undies.  That and they give you back your meds about thirty minutes after you push that new baby out.  It is a month after The Fifth Element's arrival and I need a new script so it was back on the psych's couch for me.  Aside from being tired I feel pretty good.

I'm also back on the Couch to 5k program. I went for my first run on Sunday and it was glorious.  I felt stiff, a bit wobbly and tense at first, but it was fantastic to be out in the cool morning air.  I ran longer than I needed to and that motivated me to get back out there for day two of the training today.  I tacked on another minute of running. I am beyond week one and two of this program which makes me pretty freakin' happy.  I have ten pounds of baby weight to shed and I want to run a 10k in December with this guy again.  I was just beginning to toy with the idea of running a full marathon next fall when I spied a 140.6 sticker on the back of an SUV this morning and thought, "Land's sake! People really do that?!" Makes 26.2 look like a pound of cube steak sitting next to a cut of Delmonico.   Geez. 

But whatever, I'm back on the couch and happy to be there.


  1. My brother is one of those crazies who is an Ironman...Actually he's done 11 of them- 2 of which were the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. I swear, serious training was required just to be a spectator at the Hawaiian Ironman!

    Anyways, he must have gotten all of those genes since I'm training for my first 5K at the end of October.

    Good for you for doing C25K! I can't wait to hear how your races go!

  2. Would you be up for a novice running joining you? I still want to run my first 5K. However I know that I need the motivation to get my arse out there to start running.


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