Friday, July 09, 2010

Overheards- When I'm Older

All this week I have heard nothing but, "When I'm older...", "When I'm twelve..." and "When I'm a Mommy..." 

Scene:  My bathroom.  Both girls are crowded into it twirling around in princess dresses and throwing make-up, bottles of lotion and hairbrushes around the room with wild abandon.  It's a fourth floor loft and I'm beginning to heat up and lose my patience as I try for once this week to actually do more with my hair than put it into a pony tail. 

TD:  Mommy, when I grow up I am going to have different rules.

V:  Really? 

TD:  Yes, I am going to have very different rules than you and Daddy.

V:  Mmhm... like what?

TD:  In my house we will chew with our mouths open and no one will find it "disgusting" or bad manners.  We'll chew with our mouths open and we'll like it! 

V:  Really?  Well, we'll see. 

TD:  In my house we'll have purple and pink doors on all the rooms and the bath tub will be purple and pink too.  In my house I will pray to God that I will have lots of babies and also grown up kids too.  In my house....

V:  I find this fascinating and I'll tell you this one thing- when you grow up TD, I bet your rules will be very similar to mine. 

Standing with arms crossed and leaning against a closet door she says to me in a skeptical tone, "Well, you think that now, but I don't think so when I'm eleven..."

Well, OK then.


  1. She will show you... when she is a tween.

  2. Looks like you may be in trouble when she's eleven! I love her!


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