Monday, April 05, 2010

Spring Break

TD has been on spring break this week and for some reason I thought I would get the same amount of work done and do fun projects with her.  How ridiculous is that?  Between everyday life, enjoying the weather, searching for an NTU (new to us) car and work I realize I was in a fantasy world.

Instead of tweeting like mad, posting contests at MPR or even keeping up with this blog we have taken walks, picked flowers, gone to the playground, baked, researched cars and gone on play dates.   I feel like I haven't accomplished very much when it comes to the world inside my computer but having my kids sufficiently worn out each day from so much outdoor activity has been yes, a lot of work, but more in line with spring break.

Besides, work is always there.  The kids won't always be this young.  No one ever said from their death bed, "I wish I had spent more time tweeting, er, at the office."

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  1. On 30 Rock, after Jack had his heart attack he came to the realization that he should have worked more...

    Glad you're having a good week with the kids!


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