Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Overheards- Totaled

Scene:  I'm cooking dinner, sipping grapefruit juice and fielding complaints from the peanut gallery.  Spaghetti frittata isn't a gallery favorite.  Then the phone rings.

H:  "Sooo... what kind of new car do you want?"

Me:  "What?! Why?"  Thoughts drift towards our earlier emails regarding his car's prowess.  As in, it has none. It's a '98 Corolla. 

H:  "The Corolla just got totaled."

Me:  "WHAT?! Are you OK?"  Inwardly I am screaming and thinking in short circuits of, "FUCK!" "DAMN!" "Whew!"  "Crap... we just got rid of our only car payment in December...FUCK!"

H: "Can you pick me up? Or wait. I'll call you when the tow truck gets here."

Me:  "Ok... I'm so confused.  What happened? Was it your fault?"

H: "No. The other driver."

We hang up.  I stand in the kitchen completely confused.  I turn off the burners for dinner and just stare at the ingredients on the counter before me.  Tears well in my eyes and I try to remain calm.  I look out the window at the darkening sky and the drizzle falling on the pavement.  Figures.  It rains a drop around here and people drive like morons.  I don't know exactly what to do.  I call my Mom.  I talk to H again. I load the hungry, annoyed girls into the car and head out to pick up H.  Thoughts bang around in my brain as I try to remain calm.  It could have been so much worse I tell myself. He could have been hurt.  The other driver could have been hurt.  We'll figure out the money/new car issue later. He's fine. He's fine.  A Statey (a State Trooper to you non-Rhode Island folks) didn't come to your door.  Everything is fine.

I turn onto the main road and someone cuts me off.  In just the same way that someone did only an hour before to H.  I slam on my brakes.  I breathe. Nothing happens. The driver didn't even hesitate. The rain continues to fall.  My phone rings.  It's H. He has another ride home.  We are all safe. I take the girls back home. 

I need a drink.


  1. So so scary. Thank God everyone is okay......hope the insurance comes through lightening fast and you can get things squared away ASAP.

  2. So glad everyone is ok. But man, that is scary.

  3. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Sorry Sweetie!! Glad everyone is ok! Mars must be in retrograde or something, I showed up to work yesterday and 2 people had accidents, and another saw someone being put into a body bag. Glad H wasn't hurt!

  4. That is petrifying!!! So glad to hear H is okay. Now you guys can join the new millenniumm in getting an updated car :)

    not that i am one to talk - i still have a 98 jeep, haha.

  5. Glad to hear "H" is ok.

  6. So glad he is ok! So scary.

  7. I followed a link to your blog from Heather of the EO and couldn't stop myself from posting a comment since my husband and I just went through something similar back in January. It's wild the way things go through your head isn't it? I hope your insurance gets squared away quick, too.

  8. So scary! Thank goodness H is ok and I hope you are doing ok emotion-wise. What a hard afternoon! Thinking of you!


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