Monday, March 15, 2010

Just Because It's Free...

I love me some Freecycle. I think it is one of the best things on the Internet most days.  Every few seconds my email inbox is updated with new items that are available for free.  All I have to do it pick them up.  Most of the time it is some pretty good stuff. An XM radio system here, a set of living room furniture there or even maternity clothes in your size. It's green, good for the community and for the wallet.

Other times you run into postings like this -

OFFER:  One Water Heater.  Heater is broken and cannot be fixed.  It has been outdoors for some time too.  Will need two people to pick up this heater as it is heavy.

So, basically it is scrap metal you want removed from your yard for free, huh fellow freecycler?  You don't want to do it yourself and you don't want to pay someone to do it for you.  Your ad should read, "WANTED: One Sucker."

or this one-

OFFER:  Black Fanny Pack.  Leather-ish looking fanny pack. Slightly used. 

Really?  Someone is going to get in their car and drive to pick up a pleather fanny pack that should not be used due to it being a serious fashion violation.  I hear the sirens from the fashion police now.  This item was picked up in seconds too, for reals, y'all.

or my favorite-

OFFER:  $.50 coupon for Burger King (or other fast food chain).

Yes.  People put these up on Freecycle all the time.  I always want to reply back that this is not environmentally friendly in any way.  How can it be when someone has to get in their car and drive about five miles or more and waste that amount in gas alone? this doesn't factor in the time, energy and pollutants.  Or calories added to your ass. Heh.  How much off a gym membership are you going to offer as well? 


  1. Oh nice! I should let my dad know about the fanny pack...

  2. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I like the "heh" after the calories added to your ass comment. Sounded like something your mother would say. "You sit on it! Heh!"


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