Friday, March 19, 2010

Ginormica Buys Some Shoes

Yesterday, I bought shoes.  Shoes, man!  I never buy shoes because eh, who has the time and size ten shoes that actually look nice and don't cost a boatload of money are often hard to come by.  Yes, I wear a size ten.   Apparently, the women of Boca do not because each shoe store and department store salesperson blinked, laughed or said, "you're joking, right?!" I prevailed though. I didn't slink back to troll the interweb for Ginormica foot apparel or hit up a Target like I often do. 

I returned to my hotel room triumphant. I bought shoes.  Not practical mom-looking shoes either.  Real, big girl shoes with a cute buckle. 

Then I had some chocolate cake. 

It was a good day.


  1. yay for shoes!
    although I would kill to have small size tens!
    Try finding hot shoes in women's size 13...sigh.

  2. Fuck that lady. I wear a 10 too. OR AN 11.

  3. Not only am I a size 10, I'm also a narrow width. NOBODY sells 10N shoes. Even my beloved Nordstrom Rack failed me yesterday when I tried to find shoes.

  4. Good for you!!! Now hopefully they'll fit after baby comes. (My feet have changed size with each child..ugh..)

  5. So where is the picture of the cute new shoes? Hello!!! You know I love shoes so I must see these fabulous new shoes!


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