Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Forget Your Personal Terrain!

File this lovely device under "Products I won't be reviewing'-  The Peek-a-Bu Pube Mirror because every "girl" wants to 'command her personal terrain'.  Now I am all for being well-groomed at all times of the year "down there".  And if your man needs some help with his back hair and manscaping then maybe the Peek-a Bu mirror is for you.  But they lost me in the pitch with all their talk about personal terrain, checking my secretions and the descriptions used for some of the 'hot, summer styles' I could craft and style my nether regions into.

The Ocean Wave~ Feminity & Artistry ~ "Reveal your free-flowing, creative style and throw your partner for a smashing surprise...." Yeah, because I have this kind of time. If I did I wouldn't spend it waxing my pubic hair into free-flowing designs. 

The PETAL- Natural and Earthy- "You don't have to grow a forest to prove your love of nature." I know, it's just too easy. The poor writer who had to write this shit prose.

Intelligence & Perfection

"In ancient art, a rectangle symbolizes perfection. Nobody is perfect, but down there is one place you can come close. "  Wow, we're really getting deep and philisophical now and all in the name of pube grooming. 
There are others too like The Strap- Strong and Sexy- "This bold design will have your partner strapped in and ready to go." I think I just threw up in my mouth and the writer died a little inside after writing the copy.
Sorry, Peeka-bu Mirror but you lost me in your pitch when you told me this device "fufills a long-awaited need."


  1. Ha! That is hilarious! You must have a blast sifting through the various products you receive.

  2. Do they give you stencils or something? Everything would just end up looking like a blob.


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