Friday, December 11, 2009

Your Mom's a Dork

While making dinner the other night I was simultaneously finally getting around to watching the HBO mini-series about John Adams.  Just into the first disc and rummaging through the pantry TD caught me off guard. 

Coming to my side, she asked, "Momma?  Momma! What is wrong?  Why are you crying?"  I looked at her as I wiped a tear away and took a deep, cleansing breath and said, "Oh it's nothing, TD.  Your Mom is just a giant dork. A giant dork who gets really into history. The Revolution, the sacrafice, the birth of our nation, all of it."  I sighed again as I thought about how our world has changed since Adams time.  Tom Wilkinson plays Ben Franklin and he states, "It is no small thing to build a new world."

Is that what we are doing once again?  Sometimes I feel that way. 

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