Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowy Day

It is ironic that TD came home from school on Friday with the book and DVD, The Snowy Day.  A gift from her teachers we have already worn this book/DVD combo out.  We did, indeed, have a "Loaf Seven" weekend. 

Mid-storm. We used my neighbors Hummer to go get pizza.  Hangovers need pizza. Blizzard be damned.

The Comedian literally gets stuck in the snow.

TD:  "Eeehh, it's 8:30! I want to go inside? Why is my Pep shoveling the deck?! I have the weirdest family."

I am 12.  My need to build a tunnel/igloo is too strong. H and I were the only adults playing outside without our kids.  TD went inside for "hot chocoh" after only an hour.


  1. Oh! Look at your tunnel!!! I've never done that. Made plenty of snowmen and the like. But never a tunnel. FUN! My family has about two feet of snow right now. We're hoping it sticks around until Christmas.

  2. Great pictures! I'm sorry we ended up not having our Christmas-no idea when we'll reschedule, but worst case I'll send stuff up for the girls.

    Mircea wouldn't go out and play in the snow with me and I'll admit, the Baileys and hot cocoa was hard to break away from to get cold.

    Glad you had fun!

  3. Great pictures, I love the tunnel. It looks like so much fun. We wanted snow so bad but so far not a flake.


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