Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Have Issues

Clearly, I have issues.  I realized this at two different times today.  First, I yelled at the gym television that was playing Fox "news".  I yelled, "Shut the F*ck up!  You are so IGNORANT!"  I mumbled something about "fallacies, bad research and fair and balanced my ass" when I realized that my right hand was extending and giving Fox the bird. 

It seems I have some built up testosterone in my system this week.  The cold that has be flagging has also taken me away from any gym time.  I didn't make it to kickboxing. I haven't gone on any runs either.  The idea of Body Pump or Boxing is just laughable.  I kept thinking if I just took it easy, as much as you can with two small kids, I would feel better.  The. Cold. Is. Still. Here. 

I'm going to have to move my treadmill.  Clearly, this is the problem. It's not that Fox is craptastic network full of lies or anything. I'm blaming this all on my "lucky" treadmill at the gym.  If I get kicked out of my gym for bad conduct it is this treadmill's fault.  It's right square in front of the television that plays Fox News.  Since it was the first and now only treadmill I have ever run on I am a bit scared to move to a different one. One that would be out of my comfort zone and possibly place me in front of the less inflammatory television that plays 24 hours of ESPN.  Except, stupid ESPN keeps playing these schmaltzy, 'arrow to the heart' feel good stories about athletes helping sick kids realize their dreams and I end up sobbing.  I feel the need to yell, "it's sweat, not tears!" while I run. 


  1. I have issues, too. Although not so much now that Shrub is out of office.

  2. My mom and dad would not approve of this post. Hahaha.

  3. I think I need to make a Shredheads shirt with the "It's sweat, not tears!" slogan on it... :)


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