Monday, November 23, 2009

Musings to Avoid a Thankful Post

As I sat in church yesterday and listened to the pastor talk about how many of us might feel that this year we don't have much to be thankful for I couldn't help but agree with just a small twinge of regret. It's not that we are in bad shape. We aren't. We have two healthy children. We have a roof over our heads and friends and family nearby. Yet, somehow I just haven't felt that thankful. In some ways it has been a bit of a rough year and I'm ready for it to be over. I'm happy the holidays are upon us signaling the end of 2009. In hopes that 2010 brings better things. While I construct my list of what I am thankful for (yes, I'm doing that kind of post.) I leave you with these musings.

I think the the new 2010 white Jeep Liberty's looks like Storm Troopers. The picture doesn't do it justice. You have to see this thing head on.

Sarah Palin's Newsweek/Runner's World cover is an affront to women. She looks like VP Barbie. Every time I look at the spray tan, make-up, the two Blackberry's as accessories (ugh!) and poufy hair I want to rip it to shreds and yell about patriarchy or something akin to that.

The release of Palin's book this past week has had an effect on TD. Every time she sees her she says in an ominous tone, "There's that woman again! Mom! That woman!! Eeehhh!!"

Why isn't Patrick Kennedy on Twitter? Oh, right. It's because I would stalk him.
No one I know watches the Macy's Day parade. When I say that I do and it isn't Turkey Day without it, people look at me like I just asked if I could eat their cat.
I keep donating food and clothes to the local shelter and yet I feel I'm not doing enough. I see a visit with TD in the near future.


  1. We watch the parade. I say those people must be Communists. I mean, really...what is Thanksgiving without the parade and stuffing?

  2. Anonymous8:17 PM

    I watch it too!! - While drinking Bloody Marys....
    The book release is making me nutty too - especially after listening to her interviews, in which she talks about Couric badgering her and says she refused to answer because she was annoyed. WHAT?! Asking what you read is badgering?? And ignoring questions because you are contrary is the mark of a legit VP candidate HOW?? Ugh. I love the News Week cover - calls her out for who she is. Christ, she posed for the dang thing!


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