Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Got a case of Twitter Twitches?

Yesterday, Day 1 in my 'week of silence' turned out to be better than I thought. The fact that The Comedian, H and I are all down for the count with a horrific phlegm-producing monster that destroys tissues in a nanosecond is probably the reason. When your nose is on fire, dripping like a hose and your whole body feels like it was an extra on Night of the Living Dead, well, being offline isn't too difficult.

I had my moments though.

7 a.m. - I put up my blog post and that was all. I didn't even check my work email. I felt so proud but the feeling was fleeting when I owned up to the fact that I could just as easily grab my phone to check my email. Also? I felt like I had been hit by a maniacal Thomas the Train. So there's that.

8:45 a.m.- Normally I am in the car line at TD's school doing the whole drop-off thing. We have our own "moment of silence" each morning as I read tweets and check my emails. The radio is blaring and I'm already in multi-media mode frenzy. Being sick, excused me from this as H did the depositing of the dictator.

9:30 a.m.- "Isn't Kristen supposed to be on CNN today?" I muse aloud. I should check. On Twitter. Like every five seconds. GAH! I can't! A few seconds later I think, "No one would know..." My precious no social media veneer has a crack in it. If I don't actually tweet then who is to know if I'm still trolling twitter. "BWAHAHAHA!"

10:00 a.m.- Realize I am now compelled to turn the volume on the TV to even numbers just like H. It is no longer fun to tease him with odd number decibels. My life is in shambles. "You people are morons!" H and I yell at a news story on CNN, which is about getting multiple opinions when you try to pawn something. Turns out not everyone is giving you an honest answer. Wow. Just, um, wow. This is news?

12 p.m.- Kristen has come and gone on CNN. I've only used Twitter for good (read: work posts) and not snarky or banal comments about the state of my neighbors lawn. I have not even opened Facebook.

As the day wears on, it does become a bit harder to control my urge to just pick up my phone and tweet away or check out what my third grade arch nemesis is doing on Facebook. I did listen to NPR while making dinner. The sound of whining and coughing had to be drowned out. I was sick of listening to myself after all. Oddly enough, I found the urge to check and play with my phone came in the moments while I was waiting for something to happen. Like the microwave to be done well, microwaving something. I couldn't just be. I had to be doing something. Waiting for twenty seconds with my own thoughts has become difficult. Quite frankly, that is freaky.

Here is what I noticed after only one day. I did in some small way feel like I was missing my friends and how their days were going. However, I also managed to read three quarters of my brand new Marie Clare magazine in one sitting because I wasn't busy watching TV, playing with my phone or my computer all at the same time. Could it be that in another day my brain will slow down a bit and iron itself out into more cohesive thoughts?

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