Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Overheards- Eat Your Veggies

Scene: TD and I have spent the morning running errands. Stuck at a stoplight and noshing on some lunch time treats we are on our way home for the remainder of the day.

TD: "Momma? Can we have veg-ah-tahbuhls when we get home and have dinner tonight?"

V: "Yes, of course. We always do. Why?"

TD: "Oh, good! Because if you don't eat your veg-ah-tahbuhls then you cough up blood and die!"

V: Coughing on a piece of I turn around to look at her. "Whaaat? Why would you cough up blood?"

TD: "Like Mem's cousin. He coughed up blood and died."

V: "Of course!" I think to myself, mentally smacking my forehead with my hand. Mem. "Uh, TD, Mem's cousin didn't die because he didn't eat his vegetables. He died because of alcoholism and smoking." Lengthy discussion about what alcoholism and the effects of smoking kill sticks can do to the preschool set and finally the light turns green.

Later, H commented that I should have let TD believe that no veggies equals death by coughed up blood. Nutrition by intimidation and scare tactics anyone? Sounds like a preschool curriculum from Dick Cheney.

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