Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Last Resort in Exercise?

Flirty Girl. Holy Schiznit. Even the opening music of this website makes me cringe. Gah!

I'm not going to diss (yeah, I just said diss) Flirty Girl's results because I think that dance and fitness can show remarkable results and for some this is what is needed to motivate them to exercise. I will admit that prior to having TD I invested in some Carmen Electra workout DVD's. Did I see a difference? Not so much.

The idea of doing segments like 'Booty Beat' and using a feather boa in my living room though just gives me an ick factor that I can't even describe. Part of it is probably due to the fact that I have two small girls living under my roof who watch my every move. TD loves to follow my lead and shred right along with Jillian (Yes, Jillian it is true. You had my three year old at "gargle your heart". She even has tiny weights her father made out of painters tape.) So do I really want my two impressionable girls asking for feather boas and gyrating and "teasing" right alongside me?

No, I think not. I'd much rather have my girls thinking that their abs don't come for free.

Also, check this out! Jillian knows we exist!

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