Sunday, September 13, 2009

Back to School

New Shoes? Check.
Purple nail polish, hair bow and socks? Check.

Lunch box with non-nut snack included? Check.
Incessant whining about not being able to watch Super Why! and Curious George this morning? Check.
A two hour absence of answering questions like, "Why is that an umbrella?" CHECK!
Future as a hand-sign throwing sorority girl or gang member? A high possibility.


  1. Your daughter is quite possibly the most beautiful and adorable child I know. She steals my heart every time I see those big, brown eyes. You and H are lucky...and in trouble :)

  2. Too cute! Ahhh, a break from all the questions sounds pretty good. . .

  3. She is getting way to big!

  4. Too cute! The gang sign and the dress go perfectly together :)

  5. Anonymous2:18 PM

    "Why is that an umbrella?" is the best thing I have heard all day!

  6. Anonymous1:14 PM

    I completely missed this picture! How adorable is she!



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