Friday, August 28, 2009

Falling into Motivation.

How cheesy is that title?

I swear the Fall does funny things to me. It makes me insatiable. While the end of summer can cause me to feel a bit melancholy, leaving me with a feeling that the month of August is a never-ending series of Sundays, I look forward to Fall with its crisp air, golden sunlight and bright feelings of promise.

I plot and plan.

I leave post-it stickies on pages throughout fashion magazines and dream of cozy knits, over-the-knee boots and oversized bags studded with metallic hardware.

My nails go from ballet slipper pink to blue satin overnight.

I become my most motivated as well. Two years ago I spent the month of October working out every single day. I didn't know I had it in me. Today, marking the fourth day I worked out this week, I walked to the library with the girls. I know what you are thinking. You walked? Pffftt...

I know. I thought it was no big deal too.

Then I realized how many hills I had to climb with the double stroller that we packed with water and snacks for this "adventure". It's seven minutes by car so how hard can it be? It's five miles of hills and a 100 lb double stroller hard. I had sweat burning my eyes. It was thrilling on some small level, I'll admit. To walk beyond the confines of my 'hood and actually take the kids somewhere. To feel the burn in my calves and glutes. My ankles are not on speaking terms with me at this moment.

You know what wasn't thrilling?

The fact that after we reached the library we actually went inside, picked out books and FILLED the basket on the bottom of the stroller. Not too smart. Luckily, TD felt like running a lot of the way home and we hit some good downhill paths.

Summer is coming to a close. Fall is no longer on the back burner. School will be starting soon and I'm feeling motivated again.

Next week- five more days of workouts!

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