Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Repulsive Than Crocs!

Yes, I loathe Crocs. I jump right on that hater bandwagon. I won't let my kids wear them and when I see friends of mine clogging around in those boats I seriously reconsider our friendship. I don't care how "comfortable" they are. There is something to be said for not letting yourself go and Crocs to me are the epitome of "I no longer care how I look, in fact I haven't showered in days and I forgot what deodorant is" type attitude.

You can dress those heinous rubber shoes up all you want. Line them with fur, put heels on them and they still end up in the clearance section of Dicks sporting goods by the droves. For a reason!
Crocs, however don't have the ugly shoe market cornered after all. Not when Vibram Five Fingers exist.


Is anyone going to inform the makers of the Vibram that no matter how long your toes might be they are not in fact fingers?


  1. Wow, that's a tough call as to which is worse looking. I think crocs are uglier, but VFFs are weirder.

    Although after looking at the VFF website, I'd be interested to try them out if I still did things like bouldering. They still need to come off as soon as you get back to the car though.

  2. I thought I was on the croc hater bandwagon alone. I fully agree, they are some ugly shoes. But what the hell is up with those things LOL. Who in their right mind would wear them on purpose?

  3. FINALLY someone who shares my complete disgust for those ugly shoes everyone on this planet seem intent on wearing. Gah! Oh, and those 'finger' shoes look like gorilla feet.

  4. You have spoken what I think EVERY time I see someone wearing Crocs. I also hate them. Flip flops are just as comfortable and don't give off the same vibe.

  5. I would agree those feet/gorilla shoes are ugly and should NEVER have been manufactured. With that said I own 1 pair of crocs and I love them. Yes they are comfortable, no they don't go with every outfit, no they are not for everyone, but seriously HATE them? Oh well, to each their own.


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