Monday, July 27, 2009

Blogher 2010, I'm Talking to You!

Blogher 2009 had the theme of "Blogher09 is People". Every time I heard that phrase all I could think of was a quote from the Muppets Take Manhattan, "is frogs, is pigs, is chickens and stuff... is New York!" Oddly, Blogher 2010 is New York.

Now that I am home, sticky with teething biscuit crumbs and out of the bubble that is every Blogher conference (I swear the world could implode on itself and the only way we would know is if it was on Twitter.) I can see beyond "BlogHer is going to hell in a swag bag..." and the bad and the ugly that happened. I see the mistakes that were made and all I want to do now is to fix them. I want to help in any way that I can. I want to make Blogher 2010 even better than it has been in year previous. If all I contribute is the much-needed start to this discussion then so be it.

1. The Networking- In the past, the representatives from the various sponsors at Blogher were generous with the swag but also knowledgeable about social media and what we as a blogging community had to offer. They wanted to work with us and forge new bonds and create breakthroughs in this new media realm. Frankly, it was exhilarating in a kick ass sort of way. This year I found almost none of this. The companies sent reps that sometimes even asked the question, "Oh, are you a blogger?" Huh. I do not want coupons for tires or CD's on clothes. Please refrain from schilling your products. I'm not at a trade show. I do not care about detergent samples either. I just want to form a dialogue with these companies and figure out the best way we can all work together. That is what Blogher is about for me.

2. New Bloggers- I love you! I want you there! We all do. However, BlogHer is not only about collecting loot and reuniting with your online friends only. You are there to learn, network and you can do all that other stuff. That is why this whole conference was created. It is not a Bachelorette party free for all. If you felt lost this year then speak up and let’s start discussing how to make things better for newbies.

3. Old Bloggers- Veterans to the whole shebang might have come off as slightly bitter this year and I can see why. Only in my second year at the conference (my fourth blogging), I consider myself an "old" blogger. A dinosaur if you will. I think Amy said it best on Saturday night and in the most well rounded fashion (please, please, please post on this Amy!) "We were young once too and people frowned upon us. There will always be some new media/technology that comes up and/or someone or something we do not like. We have to respect it though." I am totally paraphrasing but she is right.

When I think of the reasons why I love going to Blogher it is because I am there to network with other bloggers and the companies that want to work with us. I go to learn a few things and to be inspired. I want to hone my craft to a sharp little gleaming point too. Typically, by the time Blogher rolls around I am feeling burnt out. It is just the recharge I need. It is also a perfect chance to have fun, see your friends and revel in this amazing community that we have all created and share daily. It is a beautiful thing Internets and I just want to take it back to its roots. I know we can do it too. We can move beyond the commercialism and saturation that we all just experienced, because if anyone can find a good balance and new way to do things, it is we, bloggers.


  1. Thanks for the call out to new bloggers. I attended the conference because as a 22 year old programmer, blogs are something that (a) have been a part of a large chunk of my life, (b) are something I rely on for my job, and (c) are how I get a lot of my general information. I used to write online a ton (LiveJournal), but during college I essentially stopped. I'd love to get back into it. However, when people asked me where I blogged during the BlogHer SpeedDating and I told them such in a nutshell, I mainly got blank stares. I gave up and began to only claim a webcast I'm a part of on YouTube. Now, throughout the rest of the conference this wasn't really a problem, but I've felt more welcome at other conferences as a newbie. i.e. The other conferences people were always really excited about me being a newbie and attending.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    I'm floored that with all the sponsorship backlash BlogHer calls for sponsors FOR 2010 THE DAY AFTER BLOGHER.

    The change has to come from them.

  3. I have already signed up for BlogHer 2010 because NYC is a quick car ride away. Reading all the recaps makes me question this decision. I am looking for ways to improve my blogging, site traffic and communication skills. I'm a deal-blogger; I can get free stuff anytime. I am more interested in content and information and, from the reviews I read, content and blogging how-tos seemed to be lacking.

    I've been to enough conventions to know that "free stuff" is an enticement not the purpose of the convention. I certainly hope that the NYC convention gets back to basics. Otherwise it will be my first, and last, BlogHer convention.

    Thanks for the review.


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