Friday, June 12, 2009

$2 Underpants and an Early Bird Special

I'm wearing $2 Walmart underwear with a plastic peace sign hanging on them. Can you say teeny bopperesque? Yup. I'm going to admit it is the first time I've bought the big W underwear and I can only describe a lot of it as eye-searing tricktastic looking. The 3 a.m. hookers in the District might think it is too loud.

At 3:59 p.m. yesterday I realized that both my parents had whole dinner plates full of food in front of them and they were, dinner. I had dinner at 4 o'clock people! Isn't that earlier than the early bird special?

It is day four of intense clouds, rain and low temps. For my probable last trip up to the New England area it is kind of a bust. I'm missing the beach but the idea of dragging a baby and toddler to the cloudy sea is not an idea that is going to make a Parenting magazine vacation column any time soon.

The upshot? Country road runs with the classic New England stone walls and falling down barns. It is like a scene from Yankee magazine. Some ridiculously tasty food and the RI end cap at the local Stop n Shop was literally one stop shopping the other day when I picked up Autocrat and clam cake mix in one seconds time.

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