Friday, April 03, 2009

The Tinge T'aint for Me

From the file of products I will not be reviewing:

The Tinge Razor/Vibrator - Honestly I thought it was a joke. It arrived in my inbox (is that dirty?) on April Fool's day and was so cheeky I didn't think it could be real.

I mean really, would you want a razor that doubles as a vibrator. I know it is water resistant and can last up to a whopping three hours but it just seems a tad dangerous to me. Not as dangerous as this, but still. Blades. Soft, unrepairable tissue with tons of nerve endings. Doesn't seem like a good combo to me.

Also? The name Tinge? It sounds a bit like 'singe' which I imagine might happen to you if things went catastrophically wrong one day when it you decided to use this as more than a razor.

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  1. **pardon my tardiness...doing a little catching up here...oh, how I've missed you Mummy!***

    to this post...all I have to say is "WTF were they thinking...?" in regards to both the Tinge (and I agree too close to Singe for comfort) and the link...ouchy yowza.


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