Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Case of the What If's

Tomorrow is "the big day". No, not that day. Aside from Halloween, one of my favorite holidays (yes, I called it a holiday- there's candy! there's use of products like hair dye, crazy make-up and nail polish plus dressing up! ) it is the day we go back and check the status of this kid via sonogram.

I'm nervous about things being right but also at the prospect of them not being right. I didn't gain any weight in the last two weeks which at first had me all excited but then I realized, "Wait. Does that mean neither did Dash Two?" A whole new set of worries cropped up. Is she already not getting what she needs from me? Will there be other complications? She is moving all the time and I feel like that scene from Fringe the other night where my stomach is constantly contorting in ways it never did with TD.

All the "what if's" plague me today and I just want tomorrow's appointment to be over with. Sure, I'm happy to see her again but am I ready to have her here so quickly if all this drama really does occur. My stomach just churns thinking about it.

I'm going back to thinking about Halloween goodness and letting my iPod play all the way through. Has anyone tried this lately- not skipping songs that aren't in their faves file but just letting it go all free bird like. I have had the distinct pleasure of listening to random Paul McCartney, my wedding song and House of Pain's Jump Around today. Makes me want to take a jaunt up to New England territory.

More random iPod goodness I found-

Cathy Dennis anyone? Was it just me that listened to her?

I'm Too Sexy- distinct memories of actually walking down a hallway at my friend Eloise's like I was on a catwalk with my friends.

OPP- 11th grade. Yup. That's how old I am.

And does anyone remember this? I used to race home after school each day to watch Yo! Mtv Raps. If someone can find me footage of the actual Ed Lover dance I'll be your bestest friend. 4-eva.


  1. I've been thinking about you and your upcoming appointment all week. You'll be in my prayers. Let me know what's going on when you get a chance!! And take your IPod with you...sounds like it keeps you happy :-)

  2. I hope everything goes well today...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and dash-two.

    (word verification: latedamm....if dash-two is late, you'll be saying DAMM!)


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