Monday, September 15, 2008

I Swear the Old Me is Lurking in Here Somewhere

I feel like a hag or sea witch type creature these days.

With my achy joints, the back pain and feeling like my pelvic area is just going to crack open or simply turn to dust like some newly discovered dinosaur bones I feel almost triple my age.

I am covered in dust, dirt and grime as we continuously spend our days and nights organizing our house to make room for this new addition. We still have weeks to go but the putting up of shelves, hanging new blinds, cleaning out closets, painting everything from the outside of our house to furniture and more has me coated in dust and debris half the time as I heave myself up and down the stairs and try and consolidate our belongings.

Boxes pile up in corners along with bags of clothing that all need to go into hiding beyond our four walls or just need to get the hell out before I set fire to them in a nice pyre on my front lawn. Fall festivities, anyone?

Who knew I owned so many freakin' white t-shirts and ugly pairs of black pumps?! Augh. I think some might have been dated since the scary era of clunky-heeled Cloud 9 type shoes. That bright orange windbreaker from J.Crew circa 1994 has finally left the building. When I checked the pockets I was more surprised that I didn't find my high school ID card or ticket stubs to Pulp Fiction. I am not even going to go into the two identical suits I found sized 6P that H thought I should save for later. Ha! I'm still trying to regain my composure and stop the wheezing/laughing/peeing from that one.

I feel we have so much to do and that we are in some sort of final countdown now. The next two months yawn before us like some incredibly long hallway with no end or door in sight. When my body aches and tells me to slow down, that I cannot do anymore for the day and it is only 11 a.m. I become unbearably frustrated, but I listen to it. I feel like things will never be done. That the mountain of burp cloths and baby blankets actually making contact with the washing machine is as elusive as that bag of 0-3 months sized baby clothing that I know exsists somewhere but I cannot for the life of me find.

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  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I LOVE that windbreaker!!....

  2. NO NOT THE WINDBREAKER!!! You wearing it is forever etched in my mind...scary that even I remember seeing it....what about the baseball cap you used to wear with it? wait, I haven't finished reading the post, you might have said, I was compelled to immediately comment upon reading that...and the fact that someone else said the same...maybe you better go rescue it. Love you!


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