Monday, September 22, 2008

Candy Corn = Massive Meltdown

I know what you are thinking. TD wanted candy corn. TD did not get candy corn. TD has massive meltdown. End of story.

Nope. The meltdown was all mine and it happened happily in my home and not out in public. That would have been really embarrassing for H.

Call it hormones, a house over run with home projects, baby stuff and just our own stuff and I lost it. There I was trying to write, supposed to be writing/working and I just couldn't. The infant car seat was apart on the floor in front of me with the Jolly Jump-Up, excersaucer and taken apart baby swing. If I looked to my left power tools and paint covered almost every surface. Toddler toys crawled out from every corner of my home and laundry snarled and snapped at my feet. The stairs to my house were a landmine of items to be put away, I forgot to figure out dinner and grocery shopping was desperately needed. Did I mention I am on the verge of a cold and TD was a walking snot bomb? Yeah, I was due for a massively volcanic meltdown any day.

Every time I turned around someone was stuck, tripping over something, throwing shit around or getting into trouble. Someone was crying or yelling and it wasn't always me. Our shit was all apart. Then I heard it again. More screaming and crying and a crash and skittering sound that I could not identify. I lumbered my big ol' pregnant ass upstairs to find TD in underwear only snotty and crying. Candy corn was all over the kitchen floor.

It was in the pantry. On the shelves. Stuck in corners and plastic bags. Under the table and just well, EVERY-FREAKIN'-WHERE. I sighed deeply and tried to calm her down as I began to clean. And then. Then, I just started sobbing. Those great heaving sobs where I became the snot bomb and this massive feeling of being overwhelmed and incredibly futile gripped me hard. TD ran running from the room for cover and Daddy. I heard her telling him, "Mommy upset! Mommy crying!" Seconds later, H appeared and had to figure out through my sobs what the hell was the matter.

I don't think he quite got it and frankly, I don't think he wanted to. The man wanted his football game and a solid three hours on the couch with minimal interruption. I didn't blame him. A weekend full of chores, cleaning, organizing, painting, Lowe's runs and more had done him in too. Now his wife was a fretful mess on the floor and his kid was sobbing too. It was a bit too much for any of us to bear.

Twenty minutes later, TD was napping, the baby gear all put away, laundry sorted and started and candy corn mysteriously swept away, all by H. I was hiccupping while writing a draft or two and H was back to watching the game. It came and went like a tornado but I guess that is what massive meltdowns do.


  1. oh, my. replace dog hair with candy corn and this is almost my exact weekend.

    let hope we both have a better week.

  2. Oh, I've had those days, too. I seem to have them once every month or so, and like you, always over the most odd things.

    Here's hoping the week is better for you.

  3. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Meltdowns are completly natural. I had one myself this week. It was all over just trying to dress my youngest daughter. The nerve of me for trying to put her in something that would actually match? It is like you know your crying is not making the situation better, but at the same time you feel so overwhelmed. At least your daughter cared. Mine couldn't have cared less.


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