Friday, August 08, 2008

The Thirty Day Challenge Finis

As quickly as it started the Thirty Day-use-less-waste-less-Challenge is over. During that time not only did I try to buy less, consume less and waste less I found that I had a whole lot more in my house than I ever realized.

There I was using vinegar to clean my mirrors and I had three bottles of different types of glass cleaner sitting under sinks in my house. Madness, I tell you, madness! Not to mention the two bottles of toilet cleaner, four bottles of all-purpose spray, three kitchen cleaners and three shower/tub and tile cleansers. Seriously, folks- how does this happen?!?

Then there were the beauty regime products. You would think I had a silo somewhere on my property with all the scrubs, lotions, potions, serums and more lurking in my bathrooms. TD had three types of detangler sitting in her room alone. Is this necessary? Does it make sense?

No. No, it does not.

I realize that most of this stuff is sent to me to review and once I've tested it out for a while it gets put away so I can review another fantabulous or craptastic product. However, I also never throw the dregs away and that creates clutter. This challenge made me take stock and inventory of what was has been cluttering up my home and realize that I not only had some cleaning to do but recycling! That became another goal as I launched this project. If the container could be recycled it was going to be. No more throwing plastic in the bathroom trash if it could go in the green bin downstairs. I created a little space for all those bottles and jars and once a week it all went into the recycling bin. Just making that tiny change made me feel better.

While I have made my way through quite a bit of sample packets, bottles, facial cleansers, body lotions, serums, hair products and more there is still loads to do. This challenge has reached other places of our home too. I have begun purging closets and drawers as well. Each place contains items long forgotten and a bit bizarre. A book holder in my underwear draw? Lotion keeping space with my shoes? Why? I seem to just toss stuff wherever at times and it makes no sense. If anything this challenge has made me slightly more organized and cognizant of what is coming into and going out of our home. No more sunblock with the toothpaste either.

I'm going to keep this up and only buy what is necessary. It was hard sometimes when I would see a new lip gloss I wanted or a deliciously scented candle while three languished unused on a table or a nail polish just begging to lacquer my nails, but I think that saving money and creating less clutter and more open space is far more satisfying than a cabinet full of half-used bath salts and eye creams.

For the final rundown of products used and tossed in the last thirty days visit here.

Did anyone join me on this quest or purge themselves. If so, then share your ideas and experiences by commenting. I would love to hear what you all do in your home. Or what dirty secrets are living under your bathroom and kitchen sinks...


  1. Anonymous3:42 PM

    Velamints!! I Didn't see any Velamints on the list. Have you come across any?? I love those!! LOL!!

  2. I am inspired! Your post reads like my house! Not sure I am going to do a 30 day thing but for sure, I am going to reorganize my bathroom closet. Kind of like a tackle-it-Tuesday or something. I will take pics and you will feel good since you gave me the kick in the butt to do it. And I was wondering what I was going to do this weekend! :)


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