Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taking it Easy- The Every Day Battle

We're leaving on a jet plane today going back to our little universe also known as home and I've still not heard a peep from my doctor. No news is good news right?

I've been feeling better over all and taking naps, sleeping in a bit and just resting over all. I tried to strip my bed today and my Mom got all huffy about me actually doing any sort of work. Ha. Tomorrow I'll be back to reality and this weekend tackling the job of painting TD's new big girl room furniture. The laundry monster has taken to making long distance crank calls in the middle night while I've been gone and I just know it will be biting my ankles as soon as I open the my suitcase and laundry room door.

I swear I'm going to try and take it easy the next three months. Really, I will. I won't go all balls to the wall with product reviews. I'll moderate my work. I'll try and sit more and stand less. I'll leave the laundry baskets put and not lug them upstairs so long as they don't decide to take up permanent residence in the basement. I just cannot take clean folded laundry sitting three levels down when all I want is a pair of clean underpants when I get out of the shower. The naked pregnant lady 200-yard dash is just not appealing to my neighbors.

When I feel that my legs cannot support me as I unload the dishwasher, I will ask for help and actually take that breather. I predict more take out in our future.

I refuse to go on bed rest again this time. Because really? It is just not humanely possible to do that while caring for a toddler. It's almost impossible for me to allow any of this stuff to slide really. It's just not in me to let things go. To not be busy or to not feel guilty for sitting and reading a book or magazine while someone else cleans up from dinner. That just doesn't seem like our 50/50 household to me and it makes me feel like less of a capable person to shirk my duties all because I'm knocked up.


  1. Delurking to say, I hear you. I can't lug the laundry two flights anymore and have more than once gone ballistic on my hubby because I don't have clean underwear, even though there are three laundry baskets waiting to be brought upstairs.

    Hang in there!

  2. I understand. The whole fear of bedrest is on my mind when I think about getting pregnant again. Bedrest was actually rather nice when it was just me. But bedrest with a toddler...I honestly don't know what I'd do. I guess my Grama would have to move in, since she's the only family member that doesn't work. I sure will be praying for you though.

  3. Well there's absolutely no reason for me not to be able to lug all the laundry upstairs, but I still find myself more times that I would like to admit doing the morning mad dash to the basement for clean undies with the kids and the dog following right behind me!


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