Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The BBC Disappoints

I was so excited.

A chance to have my blog, my syndicated article and our family put out there. We were all excited.

I was leery too. I know how these things work for the most part. Hours of tape equals minutes of actual screen time and things can get skewed.

Still. I wanted others to hear our middle class story of unemployment, possibly gain some new readers and get myself out there, so I agreed. More paid work might come of it.

Everything went just fine too. The BBC people could not have been nicer. When the disc arrived with our segment we could not wait to watch it.

And there it was. Or wasn't. No mention of my blog, that I am a writer, no screen capture of the blog or even the article that drew them to us. To make matters worse my sound bite was reduced to one line, "I never imagined we would both be unemployed..." which was part of a much longer sentence about my taking time off recently and cutting down on work because of this pregnancy kicking my butt. As my neighbor put it, "You felt blonde after hearing that didn't you?" A bit. Though more like, "That's it?! No mention of anything else?! I thought the piece was on economy vs. foriegn policy. Where are the election view points? H barely factored in!"

Oh, and then I was chewing. A simple matter of vanity perhaps, but who wants to be seen chewing Annie's Cheddar bunnies on screen? Not me. Yet there I was accepting them from TD as she shoveled them in getting more air time than anyone else.

While I didn't mind being a brief part in a larger story, stuck between the Vespa scooter segment and the country's overall high unemployment levels, I have to say I am disappointed. It was not what I went in for and was told would happen.

My excitement for the BBC is gone.

H starts his new job today so while I love the ad clicking some of you all do on this here site (THANK YOU! KEEP IT UP!) you might want to help out some fellow friends/bloggers of mine who are still in need of the love and support that a healthy economy and job market produces. It's called Blog the Recession and it was created by this cool gal so go ahead and do your good deed for the day.

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