Monday, August 04, 2008

Are We Tight-Rolling Again?

It's Monday. I'm not feeling it today. Especially when I see photos like this.

Just last week I saw a teenage girl at my local movie theater wearing a lime green Champion (you know the old school champion style) sweatshirt and she had it v-cut in the front and off the shoulder. And I wanted it.

But I'm not wanting the tight rolled or as some regions call them- pegged- jeans. Now or ever....


  1. Ah hahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa

    I remember doing that. I was sooo the queen of the tight roll. And then the zipper ankle...LOVED those back in da day.

  2. Okay, I saw this this morning and I almost puked.

    Really? Already?

  3. Seriously?

    Where I grew up, we "pegged" our jeans with safety pins. Usually three, up the inside. Tight rolling was acceptable too.


  4. Anonymous1:38 PM

    OMG! I was school shopping with my daughter this weekend and it's all coming back! NO!! Did we not learn the first time around???! All the neon colors, cut-up t-shirts the zipper jackets, bleached jeans, cut-up jeans. I swear, there was a store in my neighborhood that closed in '89 or'90 and it just reopened in the last few months, but i swear, they peeled off the black film on the windows,took the plastic off the racks, dusted off the shelves and brought back this whacky crap! It really doesn't look like the store changed at all!! Weird!!

  5. Oh god, say it isn't so...though I've ben seeing jelly shoes lately too...Let me guess..when winter gets here it'll be layer your several pairs of socks over jeans time...

    Oh god, I could shoot myself...

  6. I was the queen of the peg rolled jeans at my school because I was able to do it with just one hand (right arm was in a full cast and completely useless for most of the year). Oh and don't forget the 2 colors of scrunched socks that went under the pegged jeans. Ah middle school!

    OMG - zipper jeans (there's a flash back).

  7. Oh god I hope not. I remember pegging my pants (not just jeans) and I definitely should not have been doing it (being 5 feet tall and all). Way to cut off my legs.


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