Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a Surreal Life Sometimes

It's been one month since H got laid off. One month of some of the strangest times we've had. From worrying about our health insurance to wondering if we'll make our mortgage payment. Oh, and then we went on vacation. And Graco came calling asking me to do a little car seat campaign for them. Then BlogHer. Just when I thought our life would return to its somewhat banal suburban existence BBC America came calling.

Yeah, you heard me.
BBC America.
In my house.
What I thought was spam at first glance turned out to be an interview request. There I sat in my pajamas with my hair all askew and my morning coffee by my side just stunned, mouth probably hanging open staring at the request. My DC Metro Moms post, "Day One- I Feel Like a Statistic" had been previously picked up for syndication and now this was a result of it.

With Obama overseas this week the BBC is doing a piece about how for many Americans the real issue is the less than stellar economy. America has changed a lot since the last election and we need to find out what is really going through the minds of a typical American family. A typical American family who until recently may have lived a rather blissful life but now themselves unemployed.

Enter us. I have to say this right here and now to all you bloggers/writers out there. Just when you think you are writing for nothing and no one cares about what you think or say something like this can happen and suddenly you feel not only heard but that what you are writing is actually reaching readers. I'm stunned and excited and a bit stupefied.

Now that the BBC crew has come and gone and our house no longer has camera and lighting equipment in it we can go about the everyday humdrum of fighting the laundry monster, writing reviews about products that scare T.D. and trying to find jobs. Ah, the excitement never ends. Still, I think our life might be a bit surreal.

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  1. Holy cow! (and no- I am not referring to your swollen belly- you're quite adorable pregnant) That's a huge deal! Congrats, right? Stinks that you're DH had to get laid off to get you heard but you never know where this will go. My husband getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to us- twice! I'm sure you all will make lemonade out of lemons. Good luck and congrats!


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