Saturday, July 19, 2008

Greetings from that Rice a Roni Town

Am not dead. Though I swear by the dark circles heavily draping under my eyes I look it. No matter how many free makeovers I score it is not helping.

After a five hour plane ride seated, I kid you not, totally surrounded by toddlers I landed in this busy city by the bay. Seriously, that kid in Seat 14B needed a diaper change for about 90% of the flight and I thought I might just scoop her up myself and change her right there in the seat if her mother didn't finally do it. Geez! The stench of Cheerios hung heavily in the air as I made my way across the country to BlogHer. My shuttle driver felt that for some reason having two pregnant women on board meant he had to slam on the brakes at each stop versus just driving like a normal person.

I'm finding the whole BlogHer experience to be a positive one that I highly recommend. I've learned so much, felt inundated, pissy about not drinking (though I think H has had himself a fine time drinking at home without me. Grr.), and generally have met some of the most interesting, informative and fun people I could ever imagine.

I've geeked out enough the last two days that I'm good for a bit.

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