Friday, March 14, 2008

Confirmed! Am Not Crazy!

After polling my neighbors and pestering them with questions (because that is not crazy lady behavior)yesterday about strange rattlings, tremors, and general thumps and bumps in the night I found one neighbor who confirmed that the house did shake and there was a tap, tap, tapping sound. Or as he put it, "as if someone was moving furniture in front of the house but outside..."


So glad it was not a poltergeist or something full of fun like that. Heh.

Now I'm off to suck down coffee in large gulps and munch pastry while listening to songster Mr. Skip and hopefully see this fun lady.

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  1. and your daughter is SUCH AN ANGEL. I don't know WHY you ever complain about her!!

    LOL. "Can I help you clean up?" I wish I had that on video. Great to see you today, girlfriend...

  2. OK- so what was the noise? You've got me curious!
    I hate to sleep along- it always makes me feel bad for the kids who always have to sleep alone...


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