Thursday, March 27, 2008

Angsty Blogger Seeks Advice

I have to admit that lately this whole blogging thing has been getting me down. When I started blogging it was a way for me to get the nuts up to write and have people see it. Prior to that I never let anyone read anything I wrote. I did it as an outlet to in my journey as a new mother who was returning to work and dealing with post-partum depression. The blog helped immensely.

Then I got hooked. I got a few readers. The idea of becoming a writer like I had always dreamed seemed a bit closer to reality. Especially when I realized that others were reading the blog too. What an amazing and addicting high!

Lately though I'm having a hard time. I feel dried up. Tired. Haggard. Spent. The feeling has been there for a few months so it can't be blamed on pregnancy mojo. I just wonder if it is worth it anymore. What am I doing and why am I doing this? Does anyone get anything out of this blog because right now I wonder if even I am.

I wanted too much and I spread myself too thin. It is time for me to step back and figure out what I really want out of this (a book deal? that would be nice and truthfully what I do actually want.)whole thing. What do I cut out? I'm not sure. In some ways I enjoy it all- the writing on different sites, collaborating, etc but somehow I'm lost and what I have going on isn't working. It's too much. I need help.

I'm wondering if it is time to throw in the towel and figure something else out.

On a much lighter note- if you are looking for a taste of pure heaven read this.


  1. What about limiting yourself to blogging just once and week and see if that is enough of an outlet or if you need more (or even less)?

  2. I'm feeling the same way. I have no idea where I'm headed in the blog world, but right now it feels like I'm in stagnation land.

    Maybe we can figure something out together. :-)

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    Doing something creative is always more difficult and challenging than having some kind of office job. You have these great highs when you realize you're good at what you do - because you have so much passion for it (versus something like filing or data entry, who can get it up for that??). But this also lends itself to feeling crappy when things aren't smooth, or when they stagnate, which is inevitable as creative fields are unpredicatable. Hang in there and plug away. Work that you are doing now may lead to somethings you aren't able to foresee.

  4. I enjoy your blog. :)

    My own blogging goes in spurts... but that is what Reader is for. LOL!

  5. Only you can answer that, V. But is too short to do something you don't *have* to do, when you no longer enjoy it. When blogging feels like work, why do it???

    Maybe just take the pressure off yourself. Nobody says you have to blog 5 days a week. Some of the best blogs I read only have a new post once a week or so.

    I do enjoy your blog, don't get me wrong. But your happiness and contentment are numero uno. Seek joy!!

  6. I am the QUEEN of spreading myself too thin. Keep writing. Just post less often and take the pressure off a bit.

  7. I just went through this.. the lack of blogging mojo thing that is. I contemplated "quitting" a few times even. But I came to realize, at least for me, it was a seasonal thing.
    I'm always spread thin this time of year.. this year especially so. The northeast weather really gets me down, and well, just the usual stresses of family life.

    Step away for a while if necessary but don't just up and quit (pretty please anyway? ;)


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