Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Whoo Whee! The Excitement Cannot Be Contained.

I'd like to think I lead the kind of exciting life that provides endlessly funny and entertaining blog fodder but lately not even Target runs or treks to the low-budget grocery store produce more than mild annoyance or wild moments of elation (incredibly cute shoes for $7!!!) and the hum drum moments that make up everyday life.


Do you really want to know that I almost snapped after my daughter discovered her first paper cut and proceeded to say, "paypah tut" about ninety times, and that is a minimal estimate, in a row that made me slowly crazy.

The dog has not peed in our bed this week so, Huzzah!

I have just been working, staying in line with the 10 week challenge and no one at my gym has even done anything remotely amusing. I cannot count the block of Dire Straits music I had to do ab crunches to the other day. I swear money is not for nothing and chicks are certainly not free. I have three, including me in this house and we are an expensive lot, Target sprees and all.

Nothing dastardly can even be reported about a call from my former work yesterday. Nothing. It was a friendly call and that is all. I know.

We can talk about this new show debuting on TLC March 3. The Secret Lives of Soccer Moms? I'm curious to watch a show that gives women a week to see what their life would be like if they had not gotten off the career roller coaster and stayed home to raise their kids full time. At the end of the week, they have to make a choice. Go back to work or go back to their lives. This show seems rife with problems to me. It is not reality. It is a dream. Sure, who doesn't want a week to see what television can orchestrate? There is no accounting for any of life's realities but I am anxious to see what the women choose to do and how TLC deals with the issue of Moms returning to work. Will it be very Cinderella-ish or more reality based? Discuss...

I am off to the post office. That HAS to produce some blog fodder. Unless of course one of you would like to take over and create a roundtable discussion regarding Castro stepping down due to his age and his 76 year old brother taking over.

Check out my forays into menu planning here. Seriously, this is actually one cool product great for 'just for one' or families.


  1. Anonymous1:24 PM

    yeah, the whole Soccer Mom show sounds like it would make me angry, so i won't watch it..... WifeSwap shows and the like never fail in making the career moms look "sophisticated and smart," while the stay-at-home moms look "submissive and dowdy"...I am a SAHM and I love it, and those shows make my blood pressure creep up......

  2. I won't be watching that show....seems like lots of trouble in the making....leading women to question thier decisions....once again decide whether THEIR dreams of a job or their children are more important. I just think it's best to not look back or second-guess. Move forward, and know that whatever path you're on, you're there for a reason!!

  3. well said Tiffany! I believe that is true too. If you decide to go back to work later it would be lovely if you could 'on ramp' where you left off but that isn't the case typically. This show somehow reminds me of 'The Swan'.


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