Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Overheards and more

Seriously, you must think I hang out in the weirdest places but really I'm just a regular gal going around town in my 'grocery getter' picking up diapers and hitting the gym on occasion. I just think people have no idea what they sound like, and I'm as guilty as the next person, when someone only hears snippets of conversation.

Here's what I've been privy to in the last 24.

1. I NEED more poop. (alrighty then! Get that woman some poop!)

2. It goes up your baby crack. (I think that is the opposite of the ass crack if you are a girl in case you were wondering)

3. Titah bah, Titah bah, Titah bah... (this was repeatedly said by T.D. while in the car last night.) "What is she saying?", H & I asked. I wondered aloud, "Titty bar? Is she saying titty bar? I mean we are next to a Hooters. Is that it?"

4. Titty bar, Titty bar, titty bar!!! (as said by T.D. one second after I said that dastardly phrase. H shook his head in shame and I began to sing the alphabet loudly to distract T.D.)

5. I just want to know how long Obama's been a Christian... (because that makes all the difference now doesn't it? Oddly, I have heard this question posed more than once.)

I actually posed that last overheard to T.D. to garner some wisdom from her. Dictators do have staunch opinions on things. So we had a little sit down to discuss this latest political quandary.

Me: T.D., tell me, do you think, as a toddler and a dictator, that it matters if Barack Obama has been a Christian for say 5 years, 25 years, always, or like only maybe two years?

T.D.: Uh... Why?

Me: Yeah, OK, my point exactly but answer the question. The public wants to know your stance on this issue. (I repeat the question)

T.D.: Why? Christian? Yeaaah.....

Me: So it does matter. Why? Why does it matter?

T.D.: Why? Why?! WHY?!!!! No thank you.

Me: OK, we'll take that as a no comment.

Seriously? Why does it matter if it is five years, his whole life, or the last five minutes. If he is the same belief system as you then why does it freakin' matter?!

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