Monday, January 14, 2008

Weekend Update- Slip ups, Gross outs and More!

It was a busy weekend (with less hacking up of the lungs) here at Mummy's place. We traveled to far lands, OK so it was just to Maryland, but for a baby shower? That is a trek.

I supported Kristen from a distance as she swagged it up at the Golden Globes. Billy Bush's crazy hair and awkward moments aside was anyone else lovin' the way the Globes went down? An hour? It was fab! Sure I missed the dresses and such but I just liked the zinging through of the awards with little commitment.

I remained steadfast in my New Year's resolution despite H's slip up. Three times. Ahem!

Waited in the 'burbs for some hot Italian (twice). I confess it was just Carrabas (I'm more of an Adrien Brody/Christian Bale type of girl) but I got to hear my friend use this eloquent sentence while we sat car-side to go, "I want my freakin' f*ckin' food!" Plus spending time with her sans kiddies was a blast. I was forgetting what that was like.

The sheer fact that this aforementioned baby shower did not consist of my imbibing strained carrots, gazing at "poopy" diapers or having to use safety pins or toilet paper on the mother-to-be deems it a success in my eyes. BTW, the mom-to-be scored some serious loot (hello! Kate Spade diaper bag!) and looks fantastic!

Wrote some reviews, tips and trends. Fascinating stuff people. I'm giving away a Ying this week so get excited and watch Mummy's Product Reviews for more information.

H got disgusted at the grocery store. Per usual in our house. There is a reason I normally go each week. The story will follow.

DC finally decided to get a little down and dirty. Well, not really. Just pantless.

Finally, T.D. has decided to create a new way to eat fries. Yes, I gave my daughter french fries. She's fine. She made it through the night. There was no break-out and we've been checking her BP and cholesterol every hour and it is in the clear.

The fry stands alone.

We've got milk.

The art of dunking.

A taste sensation has been created.

What can I say? She clearly has a refined palate.


  1. My best friend growing up used to dip fries in chocolate milkshakes. De Gustibus!

  2. I've heard of this and actually seen it in action. H likes to do this with Wendy's chocolate frosty's. Not me though.

  3. The best thing about the Golden Globes this year was NO SPEACHES!!!!


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