Monday, January 07, 2008

It isn't January without the crud

Every Christmas I get sick. If it isn't Christmas, it is right after New Years. One year I even managed to contract Legionnaire's disease. Don't ask. This year I felt I had knocked it. No office time to me meant no germs. Ha! Ha! Suckas! I quit you, you blasted sickness! I dare to dream that I had defied the odds.

Then I got sick. Then I got better. Then I am sick again. That is my current state.

Can I say this really blows? I've been looking forward to the DC Metro Moms Launch party for a month. It is tonight and there is french food involved and I'm feeling half alive at 9 a.m. That's after two cups of full strength espresso and a shot of dayquil. But you know what really bites my balls (if I actually had them)?

I just can't get into the New Year when I feel this way. I start out feeling way behind. The longer I'm sick the slower I am to get to work, crack down on some overdue projects and get back to the gym. Oh the gym...that is a whole other post right there. I think of timely topics only to go a whole day in bed or laying on the couch watching bullshit shows like Spice Up My Kitchen and poof! another day is wasted in a sea of tissues, contaminated glassware and soup bowls. I think I'm half chicken soup right now and half mucus.

So in lieu of a snarky or educational post I leave you with this- Jean from DC Metro Moms writes about how I think many Americans feel right now.

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  1. Feel better - I hope you can make it to your event tonight!


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