Friday, January 04, 2008

Do I need to give this a title?

Ladies, how many times have you gone out with your friends or even your spouse, just a night out on the town (oh that blissful freedom!) only to be groped by some guy at the bar or in passing? Does it happen often? Is it commonplace?

How many times have you spoken up and either yelled at the guy or even (gasp!)hit him?

How many times have you told your friends that this event just took place? Did they offer up that it happened to them too?

Now answer this. How many times did you tell your spouse right then and there or wait until the next day?

If you are me, you tell your spouse later. Sometimes, because he isn't out with you in the first place, and sometimes because it is just not worth what might happen after you tell him.

How many of you have actually filed a report?

I'm curious to know your answers on these questions readers. To know that I'm not the only one who has to inform the police that this happens every night in every bar and we don't always speak up because, it's dark, it's crowded and you can't always be sure who might have grabbed you. Or your husband might punch the guy because the guy did it right in front of him. And if you are sure, the repercussions that could occur. Like the police never being able to work another case because they are so busy with ass-grabbers all the time. Among other things.

Other news: The Christmas tree is FINALLY down in our house. It no longer looks like Santa invaded our house with his merry band of troops, had a party, got sick and puked up his entire toy factory on our living room floor. Thanks be to H for that.

I spent all of yesterday slowing sipping the same glass of juice while I battled some cruddy sludge of a cold and it's tiny army of mucus from entering my body. Yeah, fun times. I look and feel like the Swamp Thing.


  1. Yup, I'd say it happens nightly. And whether or not you tell your DH or significant other depends on how that person is going to react. When that used to happen to me (doesn't, now, because I'm almost never in bars anymore) I used to say really loudly, "get your hands off me, you Jerk!" and look right at the guy. This was partly in hope to end his success rate for the night.
    If the police don't think this happens daily, why is P!nk's "Just U and UR hand tonight" such a hit?

  2. Actually the last time that happened to me I decked the guy myself. Grab me and get a bloody lip. And the bouncers in the bar backed me up. So no police.


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