Monday, December 17, 2007

Sally Struthers might help me plead my case

There are millions of them. They troll the internet daily setting up witty posts, funny asides, informative and sometimes cringeworthy moments. They are everywhere. They shop and eat among you and you might not even know it. Your kids go to school with their kids. Who are they?

They are bloggers. They are all around you and they are just like me.

Months ago you might recall that I set up a cute little widget on the right side of this blog saying, 'Vote for Vicky', if you voted thank you! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Picture me throwing you air kisses and weeping copiously for even remembering to do so. You have a special place in this little bloggers heart. Your votes have kept me in the Top 25 through the year which is pretty amazing. However, now is the time when the votes really count. The polls will be a shuttin' down in a mere two weeks time. While the pot hasn't grown to the 80 G's that the contest creators and me!(shippymacflippyshadippy that would have been nice!) it is a little bit of money and who couldn't use that?! So VOTE. Vote for me to be a paid blogger for a year. Vote EVERY DAY until the polls close January 1. Ask, beg, and order your friends and family to vote for me too.

I need all the help I can get. I thank you in advance. I can't win if I'm not number one. We all know the power of the internet so let's get to it shall we?

As of today I'm 24 out of 259. Won't you help make this Christmas dream come true for one little blogger? (please picture me shivering out in the cold like a tiny bunny.. now) If not, I might get Sally Struthers out here to help me plead my case. If that happens then I'll just put her on constant rotation through the new year and it's all you get. Just. Sally. Struthers. All. the. time. No other content. Don't make me go there.

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