Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Stepford Twitch

I've talked about how I have a tendency to overextend myself over here before. It seems I just don't learn my lesson. I wanted to cut down on reviews but have I done that? Nope. I just promise away, book myself into a corner and then reap the benefits/scheduling conflicts.

More and more I find myself wishing for a whole day where the phone never rings, I resist the urge to check my email and I just sit and watch so much bad television I forget I have legs and my butt loses all feeling. Come to my house that day around 9 p.m. and I would be in a wasteland of Halloween hangover inducing candy, nacho detritus and pizza crusts. My hopeful ideas of going for a run usurped by an all too compelling episode of Rob & Big or America's Next Top Model. Sounds like heaven right about now. Wait! Let me pencil that in for Sunday.

I love how if I talk to some of my friends they seem to think my days are filled with housekeeping, fun leisurely errands and Sesame Street episodes. Ha! I careen through life happily mommy blogging and not looking for freelance work. I never feel like pulling out my hair and if I do it's because I've messed up a batch of cookies. Then again these same folks rarely read the blog or ask me any questions beyond "how's T.D.?" Grr....

So I'm just waiting for the moment when I'm out and I feel it might be today or tomorrow where I just malfunction. My eyes glaze over and begin to twitch. My head spins around a few times and a spring or two pops out as smoke pours from my ears. I'll look like one of those Stepford Wives who suddenly malfunctions. It's all my fault too. I just jam in too much. I just want to do too much. No stone unturned, no opportunity or experience missed. I need to Susan Powter myself and STOP THE INSANITY.

Does anyone actually know how to do that? I swear if someone comments in about taking a step back and a deep breath I will hunt you down. Somehow big deep breaths only work for two things- labor and when I'm trying not to puke.

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  1. You find out, you could put the answer in a pay per post and I'd pay that's how much I need to know. ;)

    Also, those friends? I think ghosts a la scrooge need to visit them. You need better understanding. :)

    Using My Words

  2. Nope, no deep breaths here, I just run until I collapse into a small puddle of worthlessness.

    Then I have a glass of wine and ask my husband to drive carpool in the morning.

    Take care of yourself, cookie, you're too cute to burn out!

  3. This gave me a great big smile.
    Deep breathing? Nah, try inhaling a nice margarita instead. LOL!

    I got great images from your words and a laugh so, thanks! Enjoy your crazy life... you probably wouldn't really want it any other way :-)


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