Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Heart Huckabee


I've always wanted to use that.

Mike Huckabee, a former governor from Arkansas with weight issues (he's dropped the equivalent of an 8th grader) who knows how to make fun of himself. Sound familiar? That's right it's like Clinton Redux without all the Democrat stuff. Huckabee is a Republican.

I'm not playing sides here but I have decided in the past to look at many if not all the candidates in the coming year. What I love about Huckabee is his sense of humor. I've seen him on the late night circuit and he is not completely full of himself or afraid to poke some fun at his life and image. Just look at his Chuck Norris ads.

So while I don't agree with everything Huckabee stands for I do respect him just a little bit for having fun with the whole stuffy presidential race bit. It puts Hilary's Sopranos ad to shame. OK actually that whole thing was just terrible anyway. It reminded me of a high school election where the popular kid who is running decides to take whatever is the hottest, coolest, of the moment fad and bank on it for their campaign. Half the time it's not even something they would have known about if their nerdy but know it all campaign manager hadn't told them.

Anyway, Huckabee is pulling ahead of Romney in the polls in Iowa, despite Romney's attempt to blanket the state with Romney-heads (my made-up word). Can he pull through and actually be nominated as the Elephant candidate for November? Who knows. I'm just looking forward to more great ads and amusing interviews and anything to take away from this.

CELINE DION! CELINE DION ended up being the winning song! C'mon!!!

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