Friday, October 26, 2007

Crazy Already?

Halloween is a scant few days away. The pumpkins are on the front step waiting to be carved. The candy hidden from desirous eyes and grabbing hands. T.D.'s costume has been tried on and test driven. She is ready to become Lord Vader. In our house the dog is the princess. Princess Leia to be exact.

We are a month from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and two months from Christmas. Yet somehow emails and phone calls have already begun popping up into my inbox and onto my voicemail regarding holiday menus and logistics. IT'S TOO EARLY! Isn't it? Am I being too nonchalant? I love the holidays don't get me wrong but the frenzy for Turkey day is bearing down and I'm already feeling the stress. Puff pastry? I'm in charge of puff pastry?! I HATE making puff pastry. I suck at it and it stresses me out causing me to either want to smoke, want to drink, or smoke and drink and ash into the cream puff holes rather than fill them with delicious cream. It is not a gift I possess.

I'm all for making pumpkin or leaf shaped sugar cookies right now (except there is that pesky baking embargo I've been put on). That's all well and good to me but I don't need to be getting excited about a giant floating Kermit yet. Though EEEE I do love me a good NBC sponsored parade. All this talk of Thanksgiving has inevitably led to Christmas. H has forbidden me to talk of gift buying with him in the room because as he shouts, "It's only OCTOBER!!!" Eek. Though he has mentioned that if anyone does ask this is what he would like... Nicely done H. Gifts have been purchased already. Stocking stuffers discussed. It is as if once the ball of holiday mania has started down its slippery slope there is no going back.

I'm determined to enjoy the fall festival this weekend and think only of pumpkins, leaves, ghosts and goblins. Not turkeys, which stuffing I prefer, puff pastry and sugar plum fairies. I will carve my pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns and eat Oktoberfest food all through this coming week never once pondering dressings or real vs. fake trees.

This vow in itself makes it almost ineffectual and I think how can it be that I've become crazy already? Don't even ask about New Year's.

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  1. Just buy some pastries. They suck to make.

    At least you know where you'll be living at Christmas time. Relax and enjoy those simple pleasures. :)
    We still have no idea when we'll find out anything re: moving, so that has curbed my pre-spending on Christmas stuff. I'd love to be planning my decorative theme now instead of wondering where I'll be.

    I have to buy my Halloween pumpkin this weekend and I saw a mermaid costume that would be perfect for Grendel.

  2. Girl, I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet. I have 5 kids and a big family to shop for and still don't even want to think about it. But I AM the procratination queen(I usually shop for EVERYTHING on Christmas eve). Is that bad? But I love the food part. Do you need an easy recipe for those pastries?

  3. Anonymous2:53 PM

    BLack Friday!! Black Friday!!! I love that day!! YAY!! I can't wait but yet I can, seems so far away with unusually warm weather but I know it's sneaking up fast. Boycott Walmart!! those bastards blocking access to internet sites on their ads!! No money of mine this year! Target will prevail!!

  4. R is going as Darth Vader? That is great, I love that. As for the puff pastires, I'm with Stephanie - just buy them if you can.And I must confess that Christmas shopping mania has already begun for us. But in my defense, we have to get it all done by the first week in december because too much traveling will be happening after that.


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