Monday, October 01, 2007

And the Perfect Post Award Goes to...

Izzy Mom for her post on Sept. 24th Of Guilt and Greif.

This post is perfect to me for it's intense honesty and realizations. It touched me and made me realize that I am not alone in having such a hard time with these situations and for the feelings of guilt I have often felt when it comes to how I deal with those who are sick or dying. It is something I dislike in myself and yet can't seem to get past. Each time the situation arises I swear I will be different and then I am not. To me, this part is everything I think and then wonder, am I the only one who feels this way? How do others do this?

It’s not that I’m afraid of illness or I think that I’ll catch it or anything ridiculous like that. I just don’t know what to say or do. I can’t sit there and pretend everything is fine when it isn’t. I can’t make pleasant small talk like everything is normal when I know someone is dying. I find great discomfort in discussing anything trivial, which most things are, because it feels like pretending. It feels wrong.

And yet, you can’t walk up to somebody with a terminal illness and just launch into a depressing conversation about their fate, about the unlucky hand they’ve been dealt.

I just don’t know how to act and ultimately I end up avoiding the whole situation.

So for just being so honest and putting it out there I award Izzy Mom the Perfect Post Award for September 07. See who else has been awarded the Perfect Post for September by visiting Petroville or Suburban Turmoil.

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  1. I have found out in my 15+ years of being on an amublance that focusing on the positive things of the hear and now in a converstation makes it easier to carry on and not feel trivia.


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