Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I am in a funk. Call it post vacation blues or the end of the summer doldrums, call it nothing. I don't care. I'm just in a funk. Funkified and not in a good, hey that music gets me movin' kind of way.

So lets update shall we? Maybe I'll feel better at the end.

1. The mole is no longer suspect! I can't tell you how great it was to come home from vacation and hear that on my answering machine. All of it is GONE!! There is nothing left and all I have left to do is my follow-up stitches removal visit and I'm sure a nice little lecture about sunscreen, etc. That's fine. My evil little mole is gone. Sure I have franken-boob, but gone are the scary cells and quite frankly I no longer feel the need to scratch out the offending area.

2. Thank you to EVERYONE who offered kind wishes, good thoughts, and prayers my way. I was truly scared I'll admit. It helped so much to know that I wasn't alone, many of you offered your own suspect mole stories, and I needed to hear them. I appreciate it all more than I can adequately say. THANK YOU!

3. The NINE is over. Or is it? After a stellar beginning I crashed and burned myself while on vacation. It is my own fault. I know. I worked out not a bit the week of the second bit of the mole removal. I was so wrapped up in my head, work, and getting ready for vacation I pushed it all aside. Dumb. I lost 5 lbs total and firmed up my legs nicely. My abs also came back. Now after a vacation of late night brownie eating I've been done in. H feels he's gained the 'Nine'. I'm looking to this girl now for inspiration. Roll my fat ass to the gym!

4. I am holding special one time only event for Arbonne! I have a few Intelligence body, hand, and foot lotions on sale and there are some FABULOUS holiday items. Check them out here and let me know if you want something. veamason at gmail dot com.

Ok so now I do feel a bit better. Except my butt hasn't shrunk any since writing this. Damn.


  1. Me? For inspiration? After the weekend I had? We'll see, when I step on the scale tomorrow morning!

  2. I am soooo glad to hear the mole is clear of all suspicion!!! YIPPEE!! Love ya!

  3. Oh and I'm with you on the NINE or whatever you want to call it...It's more than nine for me...I'm in the middle of a major move and new job (for which I no longer have clothing for after losing much excess weight of the past year..I'd tell you how much, but then you'd know how fat I really got...okay, 50 pounds. Sad but true. So anyway, the books and those evil healthy scales say I have about 40 more to go to be at "ideal" weight...but me, I think 25 would be good. Here's my goal for 2008 (you heard it hear first) to wear a 2 piece bathing suit for the first time since um...1980 when I was 4? I think it's possible..and it's good to have goals right? Now to get moved while eating healthy...and find a new trainer...that's the only way I'll be in that 2 piece. (And I'm not talking tankini - that doesn't count I already got that...but we're talking reasonable I really am 31 looking 2 piece...Not stringy I'm in Miami looking like I wanna be 21 again..) See, totally reasonable, right? It's good to want things. Or so I keep telling myself.

  4. Great news about the mole! What a relief. I hear you about being in a funk at the end of summer and/or vacation. We are all going through that too. It alwasy takes a while to get back to "normal", I guess.


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