Friday, August 17, 2007

Eight Random Things

It's Friday and here are eight random things you may not know about me. Why eight? Because eight is the new ten.

1. When my husband drives I grip the sides of the car. I make the "sseeekkkkhhh eek" noise all the time from the passenger seat. It drives him nuts. It drives me nuts! I grew up hearing my Mom do it and it drove me batty. Now I'm just like her....

2. When I was 12 my idol was Barbara Bush. I had a veritable photo collage of her on my bedroom wall. George Bush, Dan Quayle, and Ronald Reagan adorned my locker. Dork much? I even packed their pics away in my cheer camp suitcase. Do I vote elephant today? Guess.

3. I will not allow a box of tissues in my car. Fact: The corner of a tissue box in the back window once killed a person. At least that is what my drivers ed instructor told us. Now I'm a paranoid non-tissue box allowing freak.

4. Apple juice and popcorn remind me of Saturday nights watching the Muppets. It was my weekend treat as a kid.

5. I like biting people's fingers. Only those I love. I'm not a total freak.
It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to feel the squish of flesh and then bone.

6. I rarely read books by male authors. Though I've read everything by John Jakes. What can I say I'm a sucker for a sappy historical novel.

7. I cannot stand when people pull lint off sweaters. It makes my teeth tickle and I have to dig my nails into my palms.

8. I am Edward Gorey junkie. Feel free to send gifts.


  1. Apple juice and popcorn, yum! :D

  2. I TOTALLY REMEMBER THAT about Barbara Bush and the quotes on your walls!! ;) So you have to tell me one more thing, as I knew that one, so I only got seven ;)

    Miss you, hope you are well!

    P.S. Going to revive my public blog in about a month...I'm moving again....back to FL...I'll have to email to explain but its job related, nothing more.


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