Monday, August 06, 2007

A Crimp in My Master Plan

Ok so my real master plan would be more Pinky and Brain-ish, but since I don't have the time what with deadlines, a wildly climbing toddler and a house flipping business, let's just say 'the Nine' is my oeuvre, at least for the month of August. That's right it runs the whole month. I need the leeway.

Especially with these crimps.

1. The new daycare schedule at the gym. As if it weren't hard for Moms to get out the door on time each day and have the motivation amidst the daily chaos to go to the gym, they go and change the schedule eliminating most evening daycare hours and all of Wednesday. For the first time in three years I am considering switching gyms. The hours are now random and confusing. They follow no discernible flow or even the class schedule. The gym seems to solely cater to women of the 50 and over crowd despite a throng of young mothers all breathlessly charging in the doors daily overloading the daycare rooms. It makes me hissing mad.

2. A constantly changing schedule. I like to have some routine in our days. T.D. and I both thrive on it. When new errands pop up daily it totally throws off not just the day but the week and the first thing to be eliminated is my workout, then it's my actual work, which quite frankly pisses me off.

3. The mole. On Wednesday I'll be having a rather suspicious mole removed and it will require stitches. I loathe those little buggers. Looking at them totally creeps me out. The addition of them to my bra line region will hopefully only impede an upper body workout. That could be more of a plus than a crimp though as I've now dubbed myself 'thunder thighs' after hitting the pool yesterday.

There are more of you who have joined in on 'the Nine' challenge and that's great! I think all the mutual support can only lead to success. I am doing weekly weigh ins. So far- 3.5 lbs shed. I'm ecstatic! It's those last 5.5 that will make the difference!

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss. My local gym daycare stops at 2 which is just not practual to me - both kids nap in the morning and there is no way i could get them both up ready and fed and be there in time to actually join the gym


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