Monday, July 09, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

I am a New Englander at heart. While I love DC and call it home, there is something about the old N.E. that makes me proud to hail from there and hold it close to my heart always.

It is particularly at this time of year that I miss the RI beaches, Del's (featured on unwrapped again this weekend!) and clamcakes from the Hitching Post the most. I sort of even miss the tourists that clog up Newport from Memorial day to Labor day.

I think back to summers spent at Burlingame State Park swimming in my own underwater world. Back roads traversed on my pink and grey ten-speed bike with my best friend, E. and actually being able to see fireflies at night. I know that each state and part of the country holds its own charm, but for me, Rhode Island, New England and all it's quirkiness resides in my soul and makes up a large part of who I am and how I relate to life and other people.

So it's with great interest that I noticed a rather large spike in my site's traffic hailing from that very state and area's nearby. How did you get here? It cannot be that my mother has started shouting from her front porch for you all to read the blog. I sincerely doubt that my father is going to work everyday passing out blog cards to fellow coworkers. Somehow I just can't see middle age men who work in defense being all that interested in this here blog. Then again...there was that week back in January... My family isn't that large either.

So speak up, tell me who you are, and how you came to find this site, introduce yourself. Lastly, Welcome.

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