Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Case of the Binks

I tried. I tried hard with H's advice yesterday to "take it easy." Never something I normally do without about 2-3 days of practice beforehand.

I cleaned my shower stall. I wiped the newly lain grout off the bathroom floor. I organized a bathroom cabinet. Made the beds. Dusted the entire upstairs and tried to put our guest room back together. All while following a toddler around who was trying to lay tile, eat spacers, shake tiny bags of screws and throw them around various rooms. Did I mention we've been re-doing our bathrooms? Yup. I was so tired and feeling quite under the weather so I did manage a good dose of book reading and some napping during nap time.

I also broke the blue blanket out mid-day after feeling particularly crappy. How sad is it that I took out my security blanket? Really nothing else was working so why the hell not? Now my daughter and I schelp around the house each with our blankets in tow. H came home and said, "Ooh the blue blanket is out. You must be feeling bad."

So I'm off to curl up with the blanket and rest some more. In the meantime VOTE FOR ME!!! I'm trying to win the chance to be a paid blogger for a year. HELP A GIRL OUT!

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