Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ah! The Excitement of Youth

I was feeling sort of pissy today what with the oppressive humidity, lack of sleep (ambien? anyone?), and general feeling of doom I sometimes have (I blame it on the fact that I'm from New England and thus partly Puritan or that French gene in me -we piss on a lot simply because we're Frrrrenccch). ANYWAYS....

Then, I got this email from my cousin. Her daughter is going into the big pond of middle school next year. When Mom asked her how it went this is what came out.

"AWESOME!! Their computers are soooo much better than ours and the teachers are all really nice and the principal Mrs. Shaver-Hood, is really cool too!! I can't wait to go there next year and the lunch room is set up really cool Mom, they have snack huts, but good snacks, like yogurt and nuts and cereal and some junkfood but not too much, and you get to choose from 4 different lunches everyday!! Then there's the lockers, they're not very big but I think big enough to hold all our books, I can't wait!!! I already have my schedule for next year, want to see it? I have it right here look!! See? I even have summer homework to be ready for next year, I don't like homework but I like this."

That's straight from the babe's mouth. All in one breath I might add. It made me laugh and smile and remember how exciting making that transition was. Going into the "big" school. Having lockers. Eating with older kids. It seemed so exciting and as if anything could happen. All good of course. Like at any moment there would be dancing in the halls like Fame! I'm so old.

I just have to add, like my cousin did, what middle school teacher keeps that name? Shaver-Hood? Eeesh. That's brave.

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