Thursday, May 17, 2007

Why 'Fight Club' is Educational

'Fight Club' is one of my favorite movies. It's seedy core just gets into me today as much as it did when it debuted in theaters. Quite frankly at the time the movie came out I was feeling a little too much like Edward Norton's character and wanting my own Fight Club. The movie hooked me and made me a bonafide Ihavetoreadeverythinginsight Chuck Palahniuk fan.

I was watching it the other day and got interrupted. T.D. was up from her nap H informed me. Time to shut Fight Club off. Apparently Fight Club isn't for kids. Hmmph. I muttered something about it being educational and a valuable source of information, but he wasn't buying it. Then I thought, "Hey! Wait! Fight Club is so educational!" Here's why...

1. It teaches you to treat wait staff with respect or else. I mean who wants piss in their soup?

2. You learn a trade. Soap making. Easy peasy once you obtain some human fat!

3. Lessons in Empathy. Empathy for those suffering from testicular cancer, smoking, and all sorts of other diseases real or imagined can be found in self-help groups community-wide. Hug someone today.

4. Commercialism and the Man are the root of all evil while creating a sterile environment.

5. Watch out! That IKEA furniture really is flimsy stuff.

6. Complacency is not an option.

7. Dirty bathtubs can still get you clean.

8. It's fun to learn about Jack's spleen.

9. Satire. It teaches the art of satire like nobodies business.

10. Imaginary friends kick ass!

So see, Fight Club can be educational. It's all in how you look at it? Will I really make my 15 month old miniature Stalin watch it? Probably not. I'll just have to continue to take my hits in secret.

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  1. Found your site through the article at 5 minutes for mom, and I loved your story, will definately come back..


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