Friday, May 11, 2007

Party Over Here, Party Over There

HEY! Do you know what today is kiddies? That's right! Today is the day for a Blog Blast. What's a blog blast you ask? Well, as Kristen calls it, "it's like a blog carnival without the scary blog clowns."

The whole affair is in honor of Mother's Day and is sponsored by PBN and Founder of Light Iris Kevin. He's been wearing a Preggo suit all month long. Eek! Good man, that Kevin is. Light Iris is launching this weekend and is running some GREAT CONTESTS with FUN PRIZES. PBN is having contests too. You too can participate by heading over and posting about 'What Makes You a Mother'. So grab your chance in winning the coveted oh so sweet $100 SPA FINDER gift card and much more!

What Makes You a Mother?

Besides the labor? Gee… you would think that would have done it and instantly made me a Mom. Maybe to some women it does, but it didn’t work that way with me. It was much more of a gradual thing.

I am a Mom when I press my face up to my daughters and actually see the contentment in her eyes.

I am a Mom made up of graham cracker crumbs, sticky juice ridden kitchen floors, a disorganized diaper bag, the kid without the jacket, the one who likes loud bass and head banging and breathing into a cup to sound like Darth Vader. That makes me a Mom who sees herself in her child.

It is more than the fact that she wants me when she is sick or tired or hurt. It is that I make her smile and laugh. She makes me carefree and to stay outdoors just a little bit longer than I would on an otherwise average day.

It is true I became a mother the minute I found out about her, but it’s the day in and day out, the days of too much grilled cheese and not enough naps to go around. The moments when we hang out on the floor having afternoon sugary snacks that make me the Mom who I am and never knew I wanted to be.

I am a Mom because having my daughter gave me the freedom to think of life outside the box. To see that my dreams can be pursued no matter what age or situation I am in. I am a Mom who will teach her daughter to see life the same way and that it doesn’t have to be as organized as I originally thought.

Seriously? That clown at the top is starting to freak me out.

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